FAQ For Businesses

When did the NZHELLO marketplace open?

NZHELLO started in May 2020 during the covid-19 lock down. We wanted to design a one stop shop where New Zealand small businesses could be discovered and found on one easy platform. 


Can anyone use the NZHELLO Marketplace?

The NZHELLO marketplace is open to New Zealand postal addresses only. This is a platform designed for all kiwis to support NZ businesses. 


Who can be a seller on the NZHELLO marketplace?

If you have a NZ registered businesses and have products to sell, we would love to have you.

Do I need to have a website to advertise my business on NZHELLO?

No you don’t. In-fact if you don’t have an online presence, then this gives you a fantastic opportunity without the expense of setting up an eCommerce shop/website to sell your products online.   

How do I advertise on NZHELLO?

Its simple! 

All you need to do is apply to become a vendor on our website and we will send you your log-in. From there you verify your email, personalise your seller profile, upload your logos, and add your business PayPal.. Then you’re ready to upload your products.


How many products can a seller upload on the marketplace?

We would prefer to see 5-10 top picks from our sellers businesses on our marketplace. Please make use of the variants option when uploading your products, as this stops our collection pages being over ridden with repetitive products. The variants option allows you to have one main photo, with multiple versions such as different colour’s and sizes. 

We may delete your product listings if you are posting excessively.

You may want to build the shipping margin into your pricing as we are currently offering FREE Shipping to our customers.


Where can I find vendor guidelines and instructions?

You can locate these on the footer of our homepage for your reference.

Who sends the product after making a purchase with a seller?

Our sellers send their products out directly. When an order comes through, the seller will be alerted and they will fulfill the order from their end. The seller will send a tracking number and payment is automatically transferred at the time of transaction.  

Can I set up a business profile without listing products on your marketplace?

Yes you can. Our business finder is a great way introduce your brand and for kiwis to discover and find amazing talent like yourself.   

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes you can. We can disable your account for you at any time.

I have a NZ businesses and want a ‘shout out’ on social media 🙂

Sure thing – we can do that but only if you’re a NZHELLO member. You can book in social media advertising as an add on feature.

Do you do giveaway collabs with businesses?

Everyone loves a giveaway and this is a great way to grow your socials. If you’re a member, please get in touch with us with your ideas.  Members can book a giveaway as an add on feature.

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