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(Hey don't worry, we are always in the background helping you create your profile and making sure your store settings are correct before you go live.)


Once you have registered, you will get an email from us with your login details to set your password to your own store dashboard.

To access your dashboard, you need to Login, and then go to the Store Dashboard on the menu of the NZHELLO website to get into your store back end. If you have lost your password, simply reset it.

Your store dashboard

This will be your dashboard. Here you will see your orders, add products the the marketplace, purchase subscriptions and add on's etc. Familiarise yourself and get to know your new dashboard.


Under settings, you can personalise your store front. This is where you add your business banner, logo (under profile picture), store category and business description. You might like to add your website URL here too so people can find you directly.
There is a progress bar that will let you know if you need to add more information to make your profile more complete to stand out.

Social Profile

Go to Social Profile and copy and paste all your social links. People can visit your socials direct from your NZHELLO Store.

Under SEO, add as much detail as you can.


You only need to connect payments to your store if you are going to sell products from your store.

By setting up a payments method, this is how you will get paid after a sale.

Connect your Store to Stripe

Navigate to – Vendor Dashboard → Settings → Payment
You will see a new option titled Dokan Stripe and asking to Connect with Stripe.

Shipping Method

Take note of the blue highlighted sections. this is where you need to click to add your shipping settings.

Add Shipping Method

Add a shipping method and then save. Flat Rate/Pick Up/Free Delivery

Edit Shipping Method

Please add your Shipping Prices for the various class costs that you assign your products as when uploading your products through your dashboard. You also must add a calculated type - we recommend the highest shipping rate. Then SAVE.


You can add a Rural Shipping Rate here. You just need to click on the blue button and add your extra 'Flat Rate' charge to ship to a Rural NZ Postcode.

Selling Products

In your dashboards, click Products and then click Add New Products. It will then take you to a new page where you can add more product details.


To the left of 'Media Library' if you hover over you will see 'Upload Media'. This is currently invisible! Here is where you upload your product images.

Configuring Shipping Class

  1. Navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Products.
  2. Select the product that you want to add the  shipping class to, then choose which class you want to assign to your parcel. You create these prices from the Shipping section in your dashboard.


If you want to add Variations to your product, change Product type to Variable.

How to add Variations

Attributes is found when you upload your product. This is where you add variables for your products, such as colours/sizes.
To add an attribute you need to put '|' between each variation. (found on keyboard |\)

Tick Used for variations

Tick both boxes and then press SAVE

Set price when using Variations

After clicking on the 'used for variations' box, you will be able to make the variation from the attributes you made. Then you click on the variation and you will be directed to a drop down where you can add your Price, Shipping Size. Then press Save.

IMPORTANT - When you upload your products, you MUST add a shipping class, or customers will not be able to purchase your products. These are the default shipping costs we add to your products.

SMALL - $5
MEDIUM - $10
LARGE - $15
X LARGE - $20

Rest assured we check every product upload before it goes live 🙂


This is a great place for any industries who are location based to upload a product or service. Upload your offer as a product in your dashboard, and in the category choose your location and we will add it to the Discover Local category when we publish your post.

If your local product/service does not require shipping, click on 'Virtual'. Customers will get an email confirmation that can be used as proof of purchase.

If you need any help with your Shop and uploading products, please contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you. If you have large stock that you have on an existing e-commerce, you can down load the CVS file and email them through to

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