• Sold By: The Decor Room

    Bissell Spot Cleaner

    Sold By: The Decor Room

    Shipping included ✨

    Be prepared for unexpected messes with the convenience of the BISSELL Spot Clean carpet and upholstery cleaner. It easily removes most spots and stains from wherever you find them using water, BISSELL formula, and handheld cleaning tools with powerful suction. From high-traffic areas and stairs, to upholstery, auto interiors, and more, you have the ideal cleaner in the SpotClean. The ability to quickly erase stains the first time is finally here.

    Heatwave Technology® helps maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process
    Slim design is easy to carry and fits conveniently on a stair
    Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying
    Permanently removes most spots and stains from fibers in carpets, rugs, and
    Easy storage
    Lightweight compact design makes cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier
    Soft-grip handle for easy carrying
    Includes: Large Tough Stain Tool, Small Tough Stain Tool, Trial Size OXY Boost formula and Trial Size Spot & Stain Formula
    Purchase formulas for your Carpet Cleaner online.

    Works great with the NEW BISSELL BarkBath Tool.

    IMPORTANT Only use warm water (or cooler) in this machine. Thoroughly clean machine after use. Only use water & approved BISSELL Formula. Do not use any oils including Eucalyptus oil or other additives as these may damage the machine and void the guarantee.

    *Permanently removes most tough stains when used with BISSELL Pet Stain & Odour and Oxy Boost formula

    Who We Are:
    The Decor Room is an online homewares store, specialising in providing designer homeware to customers throughout New Zealand. While we have a physical store located in Wellington, we are committed to bringing designer homeware to the interiors of homes across the country through our online store.

    Sold By: The Decor Room

    Bissell Spot Cleaner

  • Brochure Website Design

    Quick and clean, no-frills

    Brochure websites are a simplified form of business websites.
    For businesses that know they need an online presence, but don’t want to invest a lot into it (maybe you’re confident you’ll continue to get most of your business from other sources), a simple brochure site that includes just one page with a few sections that lay out the basics of what you do and provide contact information may be enough for you. Great for businesses that have a limited budget.

  • Business Cards Design

    Here’s my card!

    Make an epic first impression and hand your card over with pride!

  • Business Website

    Google my business… we’re online

    A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business. It should be branded like the business (the same logo and positioning) and communicate the types of products and services the business offers. Potential customers will often Google your business looking for more information.

    Enabling customers to either find you through a Google search or learn more about you after they’ve seen your other marketing material is key to creating trust, credibility and confidence with new customers.

    Even if you don’t sell anything directly online, the website can serve as an extension of your business card or brochure, with information about you, your business, and services offered, complete with a map and contact form for when customers are ready to reach out to you.

    Add a business blog with insightful articles about your industry to really boost your authority.

  • Sold By: Paw Lander NZ

    Christmas Cards Nice/Naughty (DIGITAL FILE ONLY)

    Sold By: Paw Lander NZ

    Turn your pet’s photo into a Personalised Xmas Card! A unique gift for your friends and family!

  • Sold By: Paw Lander NZ

    DIGITAL Portrait Illustration A4 (1 pet)

    Sold By: Paw Lander NZ

    Turn your pet’s photo into a Personalised Digital Portrait. Choose your favourite colour for the background

  • Ecommerce Website

    Open for business 24/7 online

    eCommerce websites are currently one of the most important emerging and thriving sectors of business. It has expanded fast over the past years and even more so in 2020.

    Increase your customer reach with an online store that puts your products or services right in the palms of clients, on their phone or tablet or desktop.

    Make money while you sleep with an eCommerce website that is open 24/7 and no restrictions on when people can shop for and purchase your products.
    Enjoy low startup and running costs; compared to a traditional brick and mortar store, an online store can be set up for a fraction of the cost.

    Have a wealth of information about visitors to your shop: what they’re buying, what they’re not buying, what they are looking at, and more. With the right reporting tools attached to your website you can view the information on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, allowing you to constantly optimize your product and pricing for increased sales.

  • Flyer Design

    Spreading the word with flyers!

    Get the message out with a beautiful or attention-grabbing flyer.
    Printed advertisement, announcement, sale or launch…

  • Hushh Portable White noise machine by Yogasleep

    The Hushh portable white noise machine by Yogasleep is a best selling parenting tool, helping to get babies and toddlers to sleep no mater where they are or the noise surrounding them. White noise creates a soothing and relaxing sound making it easy for the brain to switch off from other distractions and drift off to sleep.

  • Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Led Light Therapy Beauty Mask

    Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Discover your true Glow with the power of LED Light Therapy!

    Introducing the Supreme Glo® LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask, this is a must have for everyone’s beauty regime.

    Our 3 in 1 light therapy device reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes painful acne and kills acne causing bacteria as well as fading away scarring and brightening your complexion leaving plump supple and clear skin.

    It boasts an easy hands-free option that will run through each therapy light and turns off automatically after 20 minutes or you can flick to the therapy lighting of your choice and let this little beauty work its magic so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of this light weight device anywhere you have a USB connection.

    Now you can take care of your skin at a dermatologist quality level saving you hundreds on treatments with our simple and easy to use LED Light Therapy mask without even having to step foot outside the comfort of your own home.

    LED Light Therapy benefits

    Blue LED light (wavelength 460-470 nanometers) targets the bacteria responsible for acne on its own, and when combined with the inflammation-reducing red light, is even more effective for calming a breakout.

    Red LED light (wavelength range of 620 – 630 nanometers) has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen (plumping skin), elastin (for elasticity), and it improves the circulation, leading to smoother, tighter skin.

    Yellow LED light (wavelength range of 580 – 590 nanometers) is also sometimes referred to as amber light therapy. It has a shallow skin penetration and can be effective for skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins or rosacea.

    How to use
    Cleanse face thoroughly – removing all makeup on your skin.
    Insert one end of the USB cable provided into the product’s port and one into your power source socket (not included in mask package).
    Switch on the power and select the colour of light you would like to use by tapping the touch switch. Each tap will change the colour. You can use the hands-free option that starts at the Red light when the mask is turned on, this will automatically change to each light setting and is timed to turn off after 20 minutes.
    Get into a comfortable position, wear your mask and enjoy! You can moisturise your face after use for hydration if necessary.
    It is recommended to use the LED light therapy mask daily for a 10-20 minute session. For optimal results it is important to use the mask consistently, once a day.

    What is an LED Light Therapy Mask?

    LED light therapy has been used for years by dermatologists to rejuvenate, treat acne, reduce signed of ageing rosacea and post inflammatory scarring/pigmentation.

    LED light therapy works by penetrating into the skin with a low-level light energy. This energy depending on which colour light is being used reaches different layers of the skin which in turn promotes production of collagen, aids in decreasing inflammation an improving blood circulation as well as removing toxins.

    Does it hurt?

    No – LED light therapy is pain free and and non-invasive.

    Is it Safe?

    Yes, The LED light therapy mask is completely safe for at home use and does not emit any harmful ultraviolet wavelengths of light.

    How Often Should I use my Mask?

    We recommend to use your mask for 10-20 minutes at least 3-4 times a week within the first couple of weeks and then reducing to 2-3 times a week after about three weeks and keeping up with these sessions for maintenance of your skin. This device is safe to use consistently every day with the recommended time if you wish to do so.

    How Long until I see results?

    As skin is unique to each person we advise that your results will vary to another person doing the exact same treatment, you will most likely see dramatic results after weeks 6-12 of consistent use, however some clients have seen results within 2 weeks.

    Are there any Side effects?

    LED light therapy is a clinically proven and tested treatment which is safe, gentle and non-invasive to your skin. We advise not to use if you have an allergy to lights or if you have epilepsy. If you do experience any irritation, discontinue use if this lasts more than 24 hours.

    Can I use this while pregnant or breast feeding?

    We do not recommend use of this mask while pregnant, but we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before use during breastfeeding.

  • Sold By: LUVE Bottle

    LUVE Bottle White

    Sold By: LUVE Bottle

    600ml Capacity
    Food grade double walled stainless steel
    UV-C LED Technology
    USB Charger
    Luxury powder coat finish
    IPX7 Waterproof
    $1 donated to sustainable coastlines NZ

    Sold By: LUVE Bottle

    LUVE Bottle White