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    Art House

    Sold By: BeMyBrandnz

    Brand New eco-play house in 2021
    “Art House”
    What kids can do with this?
    Decorating how they want
    Store theme play!
    Why this Art House?
    Very sturdy with great thickness
    Great-looking design
    Big enough size that kids can play in the Art house. (Normally up to 3 depends on how big kids are)
    Very easy to assemble in 10 minutes Maximum

    Campervan: 100 cm x 70cm x 100cm

    (Size of package: 100cm x 90cm x 4cm)

    Sold By: BeMyBrandnz

    Art House

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    Kid Space (Igloo house)

    Sold By: BeMyBrandnz

    This product is our most recent cardboard house that allows your children to have fun with their family on the theme of space and provides creative fun and role play in space. It leads your children to transform into tiny astronomists or astronauts to spend time dreaming of the infinite space.

    Create a kid space just for your children. They can create a space fort and imagine creative scenarios. A kid space can be used for children to have their own space, and for them to understand and learn ways of cooperating with their siblings and friends. Help them become space explorers! Various compositions can be made using the connecting passages.

    This product can be easily assembled without adhesives or scissors.
    Simply by folding and connecting.
    We have eliminated the risk of paper cuts by using wave-cut(corrugated cuts) on all sides of our products.
    100% corrugated cardboard made. Sturdier than ever.

    ** Kid space is very sturdy enough.

    ** Kid space Type B includes a connecting passage. You can connect Kid Spaces each other as many as you want.

    ** Please Note Kid Space Type-B can not be unfolded.

    Recommended Age: 3+

    Assembly required by Adult: Yes

    Made in Korea

    Sold By: BeMyBrandnz

    Kid Space (Igloo house)

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    Sold By: Leferrier

    One object, twice the fun.

    Children love to copy what adults do and even more if that involves to get messy and have fun all at the same time, that’s why the kitchen is a striking space for them and a great opportunity for us to spend time together preparing something yummy.
    Using it as a Kitchen helper you will find an easy and safe way to get your little chef working alongside you at the bench, protecting them from falling backwards and letting them helping to cook or washing the dishes.

    As a craft table you can use it to paint, make crafts, read, eat, it has endless uses just let your child’s mind choose.

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