• Sold By: Sirius Skincare

    Coffee Kola Face Scrub

    Sold By: Sirius Skincare

    With all that is going on at the moment it’s important to take some time to unwind, relax and pamper ourselves.
    Take a few minutes to put the glow back into your face! Our Coffee Kola scrub is anti-aging, has a high Vitamin B content, it is anti-inflammatory, helps acne and does wonders for dark circles!!

  • Face Polish 95g

    Nellie Tier is 100% New Zealand made and owned. Our entire range is free of parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and any harmful chemicals.

    A gentle exfoliating polish that leaves the skin toned, refreshed and even textured. A mild and creamy lathering base of our own coconut soap is combined with sustainable bamboo granules and jojoba wax beads to buff away dry and flaky dead skin cells.

    Key Ingredients:
    Shea Butter: softens, restores suppleness, assists moisture retention, heals
    Vitamin E: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nourishes
    Green Tea extract: protects from free radical damage, tones
    Jojoba Wax Beads: gently exfoliates
    Frankincense & Neroli Essential oils: natural astringent , anti-bacterial, tones the skin, regulating sebum production

    How to Use:
    Apply NELLIE TIER Face Polish to clean dampened skin avoiding the eye area. Massage into face to a creamy lather with warm water. Use warm damp cloth to remove and pat dry. Don’t forget the décolletage!! This product can be used several times a week.

  • Sold By: Sirius Skincare

    Green Tea Face Scrub

    Sold By: Sirius Skincare

    Try this delightful scrub and enjoy the fresh & glowing look of your face!
    An all natural product that deeply cleans, exfoliates, soothes and renew your complexion. With high-quality ingredients, safe and ideal even for sensitive skin.

    A toning experience that leaves your face healthy and brighter!


  • Sold By: Koko Body

    The Mini Ritual Kit

    Sold By: Koko Body

    Give the gift of self care with a mini ritual kit. Begin with a beautiful Gypsy Rose face steam. Use the time steaming to embrace the tranquility of the moment. Breathe in deeply, feel the calmness and relax. Follow the steam with a botanical blend clay face mask. Choose from one of five different blends, each designed to suit a specific skin type. This mini ritual kit is designed to create a moment of me-time in our busy lives.

    Each mini ritual kit comes boxed and presented with flower petals and black tissue to create a beautiful wellness gift.



    Choose from one of the five botanical blend face masks below:

    Yellow calms sensitive skin using a healing combination of Calendula and Chamomile.


    Purple gives an super antioxidant boost with purple corn, blackcurrant and red algae.


    Green brightens and balances with natural fruit enzymes


    Pink hydrates and revitalises dry skin with rosehip and hibiscus.


    Black gives an activated charcoal detox to blemish troubled skin.

    Sold By: Koko Body

    The Mini Ritual Kit