• Sold By: Wild Skincare

    Sweet Poppy Soap

    Sold By: Wild Skincare

    Sweet Poppy Handcrafted Soap Bar

    Lightly Fragranced with Pure Mandarin Essential Oil
    Exfoliating Poppy seeds

    Rustic slices of nourishing and cleaning soap containing protective oils, natural fragrance oils, olive, sustainable palm, coconut oil, pure essential oils and herbs and flowers from my wild garden right here in beautiful New Zealand.

    Reiki infused with healing energy and vegan friendly.

    Each natural soap is wrapped in recycled brown paper and made in Tararua New Zealand through the cold process soap making technique.  Each bar is cured for at least 6 weeks and weighs around 85-95 grams.  Some may weigh a little more and some a little less due to being hand sliced.

    Wild Skincare Products: Reiki Infused – Vegan – Plant-Powered

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