• Sold By: Purely Essential

    PURELY ESSENTIAL After Shave Moisturizer 15ml

    Sold By: Purely Essential
    Intensive Protection | Deeply Moisturizing | Anti Razor-Burn

    Powerful compounds of New Zealand certified organic and therapeutic-grade oils of Moroccan Argan, Rosehip, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Turmeric, come together in a hand-crafted remedy that is full of naturally occurring antioxidants and packed with omega fatty acids, linoleic acids to soothe, cool & calm irritated skin after shaving. Natural occurring Vitamin A, C, and E will protect freshly shaved skin against environmental aggressors. This oil is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores, instead, it cleans out the pores and eliminates dead skin cells. Naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it may help to prevent acne and rashes, soothe the odd sunburn and hydrate the skin extremely well with a mild astringent touch to have it stay strong and supple.

  • Sold By: Brontë Body

    Shave oil to eliminate ingrowns and razor burn

    Sold By: Brontë Body

    It is an essential oil blend designed for pubic hair and skin that works anywhere and everywhere such as underarms, beard, chest, legs.

    This versatile 100% natural oil can be used on any amount of fur whether you decide to remove it all, keep it all, or any option in between. It comes in 100ml amber glass bottle in the option Pure and Power.

    It can be used as pre-shave oil, shave oil, and after-shave oil.


  • Sold By: Brontë Body

    The Perfect Shave Gift Box for your best after-shave skin yet

    Sold By: Brontë Body

    ultimate Christmas Gift Box for shaving beginners and experienced.

    Get your best shave yet with the ultimate Christmas gift box for men and women.

    The box is perfect for any safety-razor beginner as it includes everything to ensure your best shave yet!

    Sustainable, luxury safety razors eliminate razor burn and ingrown hairs for your closest shave yet!

    They are suitable for men, women and anyone in-between and outside of that.

    Brontë Body safety razors are completely plastic-free, using no nasty chemicals, are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

    Switching to a safety razor will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run!
    Here is what the boxes contain:

    one safety-razor of your choice
    one bar of Peach Perfect shaving soap, that smells like a bunch of peaches and nectarines
    100gr of shave oil to soothe and heal your skin and
    prevent ingrowns and razor burn. This oil can be used as a pre-shave
    oil, shave oil and after-shave oil.
    an aluminium tin to keep used blades safe until recycling.
    10 double edge razor blades
    hand stamped cotton canvas bag
    shaving instruction manual for your smoothest shave yet
    plastic-free Christmas packaging of your choice

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