• Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Led Light Therapy Beauty Mask

    Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Discover your true Glow with the power of LED Light Therapy!

    Introducing the Supreme Glo® LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask, this is a must have for everyone’s beauty regime.

    Our 3 in 1 light therapy device reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes painful acne and kills acne causing bacteria as well as fading away scarring and brightening your complexion leaving plump supple and clear skin.

    It boasts an easy hands-free option that will run through each therapy light and turns off automatically after 20 minutes or you can flick to the therapy lighting of your choice and let this little beauty work its magic so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of this light weight device anywhere you have a USB connection.

    Now you can take care of your skin at a dermatologist quality level saving you hundreds on treatments with our simple and easy to use LED Light Therapy mask without even having to step foot outside the comfort of your own home.

    LED Light Therapy benefits

    Blue LED light (wavelength 460-470 nanometers) targets the bacteria responsible for acne on its own, and when combined with the inflammation-reducing red light, is even more effective for calming a breakout.

    Red LED light (wavelength range of 620 – 630 nanometers) has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen (plumping skin), elastin (for elasticity), and it improves the circulation, leading to smoother, tighter skin.

    Yellow LED light (wavelength range of 580 – 590 nanometers) is also sometimes referred to as amber light therapy. It has a shallow skin penetration and can be effective for skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins or rosacea.

    How to use
    Cleanse face thoroughly – removing all makeup on your skin.
    Insert one end of the USB cable provided into the product’s port and one into your power source socket (not included in mask package).
    Switch on the power and select the colour of light you would like to use by tapping the touch switch. Each tap will change the colour. You can use the hands-free option that starts at the Red light when the mask is turned on, this will automatically change to each light setting and is timed to turn off after 20 minutes.
    Get into a comfortable position, wear your mask and enjoy! You can moisturise your face after use for hydration if necessary.
    It is recommended to use the LED light therapy mask daily for a 10-20 minute session. For optimal results it is important to use the mask consistently, once a day.

    What is an LED Light Therapy Mask?

    LED light therapy has been used for years by dermatologists to rejuvenate, treat acne, reduce signed of ageing rosacea and post inflammatory scarring/pigmentation.

    LED light therapy works by penetrating into the skin with a low-level light energy. This energy depending on which colour light is being used reaches different layers of the skin which in turn promotes production of collagen, aids in decreasing inflammation an improving blood circulation as well as removing toxins.

    Does it hurt?

    No – LED light therapy is pain free and and non-invasive.

    Is it Safe?

    Yes, The LED light therapy mask is completely safe for at home use and does not emit any harmful ultraviolet wavelengths of light.

    How Often Should I use my Mask?

    We recommend to use your mask for 10-20 minutes at least 3-4 times a week within the first couple of weeks and then reducing to 2-3 times a week after about three weeks and keeping up with these sessions for maintenance of your skin. This device is safe to use consistently every day with the recommended time if you wish to do so.

    How Long until I see results?

    As skin is unique to each person we advise that your results will vary to another person doing the exact same treatment, you will most likely see dramatic results after weeks 6-12 of consistent use, however some clients have seen results within 2 weeks.

    Are there any Side effects?

    LED light therapy is a clinically proven and tested treatment which is safe, gentle and non-invasive to your skin. We advise not to use if you have an allergy to lights or if you have epilepsy. If you do experience any irritation, discontinue use if this lasts more than 24 hours.

    Can I use this while pregnant or breast feeding?

    We do not recommend use of this mask while pregnant, but we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before use during breastfeeding.

  • Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Luxury Beauty Bar

    Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Invigorate, rejuvenate and tighten tired skin.
    This Luxury beauty bar delivers over 6000 micro-vibrations which stimulate blood circulation to improve skin tightness and fine lines.

    Contours and aids Lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove toxins.

    Assists absorption of serums and creams leaving you with soft dewy skin.

    AA battery operated (Battery not Included)

    The Beauty Bar’s vibrations Promote the increase of blood circulation and collagen production.

    The negative ions released during the vibrations help combat signs of ageing as cell metabolism and blood circulation increase and free radicals are reduced.

    The micro vibrations of this device improves lymphatic circulation and removes toxins from the skin resulting in a reduction of blackheads and pimple breakouts.

    The vibrations of the beauty bar mimics a facial massage which promotes activity in your skin cells and protein synthesis. This allows your skin to optimally absorb any product used.

    How to use
    Remove any make-up and cleanse face
    Apply your favourite moisturiser/face oil/serum
    Insert an AA battery (not included) and switch the facial vibrating beauty bar on by turning the base in a clockwise motion.
    Once the beauty bar starts vibrating, use as follows:
    For product absorption apply your desired face product and use the beauty bar in upwards or circular motions over entire face for 3-5 minutes.

    For lifting and firming use the beauty bar in an upwards motion under the contour lines of your cheeks and jaw with some pressure, guide the beauty bar diagonally across your neck on each side finishing off by adding light pressure and guiding downward to your collar bone to aid lymphatic drainage. Do this for 3-5 minutes on each side daily.

    To combat ageing continually roll the beauty bar over fine lines and wrinkles for 3-5 minutes daily.


    What is the Luxury Energy Beauty Bar?

    Our Luxury Energy Beauty bar is a vibrating skin care device crafted to give you firmer, youthful and flawless looking skin. The Supreme Glo® Luxury Energy Beauty Bar is made of brass and aluminium with a gold plating on the T-shaped head. This Beauty Bar produces 6,000 micro vibrations per minute, providing multiple benefits to your skin.

    Does it hurt?

    No, using the Luxury Energy Beauty Bar is a painless and non-invasive procedure. In fact, many find the vibrating sensation to be soothing and relaxing on their skin similar to a massage.

    How often should I use it?

    Our recommendation is to use the Luxury Energy Beauty Bar in your daily skincare routine for optimal results. A session with this device should last for at least 3-5 minutes daily. However, this is the minimum recommended time. You can use the Luxury Energy Beauty Bar for longer sessions to target specific problem areas if required.

    Does it need batteries?

    Yes, the Luxury Energy Beauty Bar requires one AA battery which is not included in your purchase online.

    Sold By: Supreme Glo

    Luxury Beauty Bar

  • Sold By: Brontë Body

    The Perfect Shave Gift Box for your best after-shave skin yet

    Sold By: Brontë Body

    ultimate Christmas Gift Box for shaving beginners and experienced.

    Get your best shave yet with the ultimate Christmas gift box for men and women.

    The box is perfect for any safety-razor beginner as it includes everything to ensure your best shave yet!

    Sustainable, luxury safety razors eliminate razor burn and ingrown hairs for your closest shave yet!

    They are suitable for men, women and anyone in-between and outside of that.

    Brontë Body safety razors are completely plastic-free, using no nasty chemicals, are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

    Switching to a safety razor will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run!
    Here is what the boxes contain:

    one safety-razor of your choice
    one bar of Peach Perfect shaving soap, that smells like a bunch of peaches and nectarines
    100gr of shave oil to soothe and heal your skin and
    prevent ingrowns and razor burn. This oil can be used as a pre-shave
    oil, shave oil and after-shave oil.
    an aluminium tin to keep used blades safe until recycling.
    10 double edge razor blades
    hand stamped cotton canvas bag
    shaving instruction manual for your smoothest shave yet
    plastic-free Christmas packaging of your choice

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