• Brochure Website Design

    Quick and clean, no-frills

    Brochure websites are a simplified form of business websites.
    For businesses that know they need an online presence, but don’t want to invest a lot into it (maybe you’re confident you’ll continue to get most of your business from other sources), a simple brochure site that includes just one page with a few sections that lay out the basics of what you do and provide contact information may be enough for you. Great for businesses that have a limited budget.

  • Business Website

    Google my business… we’re online

    A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business. It should be branded like the business (the same logo and positioning) and communicate the types of products and services the business offers. Potential customers will often Google your business looking for more information.

    Enabling customers to either find you through a Google search or learn more about you after they’ve seen your other marketing material is key to creating trust, credibility and confidence with new customers.

    Even if you don’t sell anything directly online, the website can serve as an extension of your business card or brochure, with information about you, your business, and services offered, complete with a map and contact form for when customers are ready to reach out to you.

    Add a business blog with insightful articles about your industry to really boost your authority.

  • Ecommerce Website

    Open for business 24/7 online

    eCommerce websites are currently one of the most important emerging and thriving sectors of business. It has expanded fast over the past years and even more so in 2020.

    Increase your customer reach with an online store that puts your products or services right in the palms of clients, on their phone or tablet or desktop.

    Make money while you sleep with an eCommerce website that is open 24/7 and no restrictions on when people can shop for and purchase your products.
    Enjoy low startup and running costs; compared to a traditional brick and mortar store, an online store can be set up for a fraction of the cost.

    Have a wealth of information about visitors to your shop: what they’re buying, what they’re not buying, what they are looking at, and more. With the right reporting tools attached to your website you can view the information on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, allowing you to constantly optimize your product and pricing for increased sales.

  • Portfolio Website

    Show, don’t tell

    Showcase your best work and share your story.
    A portfolio website is a unique way to showcase your work and let potential clients know about you, find you and reach out to you. It’s like an evergreen platform for your projects, case studies, and information about you.

    In addition, it’s one of the best ways to express your personality, experience, and capabilities. Great for photographers, designers, creators, writers and a wide range of artists and crafters to present their work online.

  • Website Design

    Softshell is a digital product studio, specialising in modern web design and development. We offer website design services for any size of businesses, and cater to individuals as well. Feel free to message us for a quick quote. https://softshell.nz/quote

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