Seller Instructions

Hello and thank you for being part of our multi-vendor marketplace.

It is great to have you as a seller and we look forward to seeing your products on our website.

We have added some instructions that will explain how the marketplace works and what you need to do to kick start your profile to start selling on NZHELLO.

Verify your email

When you login first time, it is important that you click the ‘Get Verification Link’ to enable your email to be verified.

Create and Update your Profile

Go to ‘My Account’ under Profile on your home page.

Here you can ….

  • Add your company banner
  • Business logo
  • Business Description

Important: this is the information that customers will see on the NZHELLO marketplace, so make sure you are creative and sell your business ????

Add a Product

Go to ‘Products Listing’ under Products on your home page.

Here you add your product(s) to the NZHELLO marketplace, make sure your product images are as high quality, clear and sharp as can be.

Think quality NOT quantity – we would prefer to see 5-10 of your top products uploaded on NZHELLO.

Product Photo – refer here:

First impressions will make the difference between a potential customer clicking onto your product or not ????


We have a Variants feature when uploading products. Please make use of this so we don’t have repetitive products in our Collections. 

Important: when completing Collections for your product, you can select ‘All Products’ or your ‘Store Name’ on the list. This ensures your product is easy to find for customers.


You will need to create a business PayPal account if you have not got one already. This is how you get paid when you sell your products.

Payment will be transferred automatically into your NZ bank account when the product order has been fulfilled.  

Important: Alcohol Products and Sales

We have installed an age verification Pop-Up on all alcohol products that are uploaded onto the NZHELLO marketplace.

If you are licenced and selling alcoholic products the NZHELLO marketplace you will need to set up a STRIPE account so the payment goes directly to your business account.

Go to ‘Stripe Connect Config’ under Orders on your home page.


We have a Split Cart feature for customers on check out. This means customers can buy products off multiple merchants in one cart. For this reason, we have FREE SHIPPING.  Please factor this margin in your sale price when up-loading your products.


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